Current Students

Devin Barcelos, MASc (January 2018), now PhD
Research: Multirotor AerodynamicsIMAG0830

After completing an undergraduate thesis project with the intent of improving the flow quality of Ryerson’s large, low-speed wind tunnel, I am continuing working in this facility. The current project is about testing propeller and rotors for small drones.


Michael Melville, MASc (January 2018), now PhD
Research: Flexible Wings in Gusts

My research focuses on the fluid-structure interactions of highly flexible aircraft wings and how these interactions affect flight performance. The main goal of this research is to investigate how tailoring of the wing structural and mass proper
ties can be used to maximize performance gains in flight, specifically when applied to high-performance sailplanes. The trends developed from this research
will help in furthering advanced design techniques among low-speed aircraft.

Julia Tsaltas, MASc. Candidate
Research: Multirotor Aerial Vehicle AerodynamicsP1010127

My research is centered around the flight performance prediction or multirotor aerial vehicles like quadcopters. The modeling is in support of developing more robust control strategies for these vehicles and improve their operational use in adverse conditions. My modeling efforts are in close coordination with wind-tunnel tests of such flight vehicles or their elements.


Travis Krebs, PhD Student
Research: Wingtip Devices for Sailplanes

With my research I am exploring advance potential flow methods that allow modelling of complex flow fields, for example of wings or rotors. One of the applications that I use that method for is to look at wingtip devices. In particular, I am interested in getting a better understanding of split wingtips, similar to those observed on birds. My research on the application on high-performance sailplanes. With the help of advanced computational prediction methods and optimization algorithms I try to get insight of such devices and expand on the learned experience.

Dylan Krcmarov, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering Candidate

Research: Data Acquisition SystemP1010128

I am a currently a member of the Ryerson Aero Design (RAD) team and have been involved in a few other student teams and engineering competitions in the past. I’m also interested in pursuing further studies in either aircraft design or propulsion after completing my undergraduate degree.


Yichuan (Charlie) Wang, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering Candidate
Research: Wind Tunnel TestingP1010129

I  have always had a huge interest in aviation, therefore I am currently and have previously been a member of a few student design teams such as RAD. I hope to further increase my knowledge of aerospace and related fields, both as an interest and and studies. In the near future, I hope to obtain my private aviation license.

Unit (Vansh) Amin, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering Candidate
Research: Traversing Wake Rake System (Profile Drag Measurements)

The project I recently started working on is focused on using a traversing wake rake system to determine the drag coefficient via an iterative approach. I am also currently a member of the RAD (Ryerson Aero Design) team, working with the payload and cowling design team. My primary interests are in pursuing further studies in the subjects of aerodynamics, propulsion systems and/or flight testing after obtaining my undergrad degree.

Vamshi Chittaluri, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering Candidate
Research: Gust UAV Project – Avionics81200386-9c69-4285-beae-f7f06af1aaf2

I’ve always had a keen interest in aerospace engineering, specifically UAV applications. I have a desire to explore the full capabilities of the UAV domain, to understand and develop autonomous systems. Working on the wind gust UAV paved way for exposure in the fields of flight performance, propulsion, auto piloting systems for fully autonomous flight and manufacturing. I am also a member of the Ryerson Rocketry Club, working on recovery of launched systems, mainly via design and manufacturing of parachute and payload bays.